Monday, November 29, 2010

Lots of Thanksgiving Food

Lets see here! Last monday was an awesome day, after we got done emailing me and the zone leaders, elder carter and elder thorpe, went geocaching. Elder thorpe is from Ogden cool huh and Carter is from Logan!! anywho geocaching is where you take a GPS and plug in coordinates from a sheet of paper and go find this little box of something and get things and put things in it. And so we went to this giant cross and let me tell you when I say giant i mean huge!!! I took pictures, don't worry. but we found a geocache there. and then we went up into the mountains to find the next one and it was this metal box that was inside of a rock! The cool part was was when we found this box we placed a book of mormon in it and i felt like Moroni for like a split second when he hid the plates in the hill, because we had to put the box back into the rock so I felt very special for like five minutes haha. On tuesday it was a pretty good day just visiting people and stuff like that. Wednesday was the same as Tuesday haha, but thursday was definately different because it was thanksgiving!! We went to four different houses first at 1 we went to Bro. Smith's house and had a turkey dinner. Then we went to the Eldriges's and had another turkey dinner with a deep fried turkey and banana cream pie which had nothing on yours! ha then we went to the Brauns's house for another turkey dinner and by then we were about to explode, but to top it all off we went to anothe house and had king crab! On friday we had an interesting day of tracking, we just had gotten off our bikes when this guy pulled into his driveway so we went over and he asked us what we were doing. So we said we were just going around getting to know people and to teach them. Then he says who are you for and stuff like that, and so we say were LDS and he's like it took you that long to say Christ and i was like WOW! and then he goes off on about Thomas and things and we were just shocked first on what he was saying and then what he was doing. He would pace back and forth and then point at us when he would talk. He was crazy!!! then finally we tried to give him a book of mormon and this is what was funny. He said "im a teacher i don't need that book. no no IM A WIZARD yeah some people call me a WIZARD" so we left and started laughing our brains out on this guy it was great!! On saturday we had a baptism her name was Kem Grahm and i sent a picture to you. And on sunday I did the confirmations! Oh also on sunday i met some Binghams and they said that we were related they said through like erastus bingham or something and that sounded really familliar to me so you should call grandma and tell her to email me or something so i can figure this out! :) did grandma get my letter by the way?? Did you get my letter?? It was a good week and this one should be a good week to.
Love ya lots and i'll talk to ya next week!
Elder Bingham

Monday, November 22, 2010

Lots going On

Hey everybody,
So this week was much better than last week for sure!! On monday it was p-day so we just hung out in the apartment and went shopping. Later that night we went to a members home and taught one her friends, but there was a problem she was boy shy and thought that we were way cute or something like that so we couldn't talk to her very good but hopefully we can teach her soon. We also ate dinner that night and guess who I met!!!! someone from morgan!!!!! Itwas awesome!! If you know the mcfarlands from the peterson ward the wife and mom of who we had dinner with are sisters so we talked about morgan and all of the family it was great!!
On Tuesday we had specialized training with president walker and the assistants it was a good experience and i learned a whole bunch! We also taught a couple people adn had dinner with the Brauns!
On wednesday we taught Diane Huey, one of our investigators, the restoration and she commited to being baptized and she came to church yesterday and loved it!
Lets see here thursday it got interesting when we were riding our bike a cop pulled us over hahahaha that was a first for me!! I was dieing laughing because she was like you can't ride your bike across a cross walk you have to walk it. then she threatened to give us a ticket but she didn't. We also finished up things with Kem Gram, another investigator, she is being baptized this saturday. I'm doing the confirmation and im pretty scared because i have never done it before. Oh we also tracked this weird guy that looked and acted just like the guy on the movie UP! he was all grouchy and was like i don't believe in this mumbo jumbo you just want my money and stuff like that. he's going to have a rude awakening when he dies...
On friday our district leader got pulled over for rolling a stop sign and then we taugh derek thompson, he is one of those investigators that doesn't have a sense of humor and takes everything literal so its a little difficut to teach him, but i know if we can get him to church it will change his mind. And we also made a candle out of a paper party hat and a bunch of smaller candles...
Saturday was full of service we cleaned up what i like to call ghetto town!! but here its called fry town it was called mormon helping hands or something and all the wards came and helped. and then we gave Diane Huey a church tour!!
On sunday i had to speak in 1st ward and it was pretty scary because i was talking to abunch of strangers pretty much, church for a missionary is from 5-4:30 p.m. so it was a long but relaxing day of church. and thats about it this week.
Love Elder Bingham

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The good and the bad

"This past week has been pretty tough for me I got sick and stuff because I was so stressed and homesick, but all is well now and im enjoying it more. I didn't realize how truly blessed i was to have such an amazing family until i left. I love you so much and I miss you tons! I had my first baptism last saturday it was really cool to see that. and we're teaching this one lady and she is really receptive to the gospel." ~ Elder Bingham

"Ok on Tuesday we went to a ladies house talked to her and it was cool to see how the gospel is changing lives. We just go and see a bunch of people and teach them its really cool i'll have to write better in my planner so that i can tell you more haha. On saturday we had a baptism it was such a neat experience to see the chane in that girls life her name is Kim. We cover 2 wards and an army base. Its pretty cool last week i held an ak-47 whick is a machine gun along with a sniper rifle. we went to institute with a buch of army guys who brought some investigators so we just got to know them and play games with them. the food is great except for yesterday it was roast...haha" ~ Elder Bingham

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Doing Well

Here is a little part of an email for you to see how well he is doing...

" I'm doing great and lovin the heat!! Its so different from Utah because there is no grass just dirt and cacti." "My area is the sierra vista zone. its on the border of mexico! cool huh??" ~ Elder Bingham

Monday, November 8, 2010


Today Elder Bingham arrived in Arizona.

The Misisonary President, his wife, & Elder Bingham
This is actually another Elder from Morgan, UT, he has been out a while, but is in the same mission as Elder Bingham, Elder Kinsey
Elder Bingham New Companion

Monday, November 1, 2010


Elder Bingham was in the MTC from the afternoon of October 20, 2010- the morning of November 8, 2010

He said he loved it, he had 3 other missionaries in his dorm. He enjoyed the lessons and training, and was ready to get to work.

There were lots of missionaries from Morgan in the MTC, here are a couple of them :)

Elder Crossly
Elder Carter

Sister Richards (that's right no touching :))