Monday, February 28, 2011

Layton is going to be baptized!

Hello Everyone,
Another week has come and gone and things are looking good down here in the great Arizona, Tucson mission!!!! Last week was really good as you know we went to the temple last week, it was really a great spiritual experience and I love the temple it seems like everytime I go into the temple I thrive to learn more and to read and understand the scriptures better! I had a really neat spiritual experience last week, we went and saw our investigator Amanda and we asked her how her progress toward baptism is coming and she pretty much shot us down and said i'll do it on my own time and that she wasn't sure about the Book Of Mormon. What she said really stuck out to me and I was thinking alot about it on the way home and it was almost eating at me, because I want to help her so bad and see that change come into her life. When I got inside I was still pondering and so I turned to my scriptures for help, throughout the week I had the sheep parable stuck in my head. The one where christ is telling his people that we are the sheep and he is the good shephard and he wants each and everyone of us to be apart of his fold. When I was reading that section of passages the spirit told me to pull out my Book of Mormon and turn to 3Nephi 15, so I did and to my happiness the chapter talks about how the people of the americas are the "other sheep I have which are not of this fold" as I read that chapter the spirit bore testimony to me that this is what Amanda needs to hear and that that will help her on her course to know for herself that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. We haven't been able to see Amanda this week, because she has been sick from being preganant, but im hoping the we'll be able to see her within the next couple of days. Also we have a baptism this saturday with Layton!!!! I'm so excited for him and his decision to enter into the waters of baptism and recieve those blessings that are prepared for him as he continues to do what is right. We also should have a couple new investigators this week if all goes according to plan. Lets see here what else did I do last week, on thursday me elder patterson and a couple othe missionaries for lunch had a bbq, it was pretty fun! Saturday morning we helped a member get her garden ready to be planted, it felt good to do something like that but the dirt was rock hard so it was a little challenging! Later that day they burned down an old house that is behind our apartments it was pretty cool to see!! Well that about raps up my week!!! Love you all and talk to you next week
Elder Bingham

Monday, January 10, 2011


this week has been really productive i would say, last week during fast sunday me and elder patterson decided to fast for new investigators. The lord has really blessed us and answered our prayers we found not one, but six new investigators. They are three couples and we are so excited to teach them and get to know them. The only problem with one couple is they're J-W's or jehovah this could be an interesting week haha. I love it though out here I see the lords work so plainly and it helps me to have an even greater love for our savior and father in heaven. Last week for p-day we went bowling and i bowled over a hundred both games, I was pretty proud of myself haha. The other day we got chased by a couple of dogs it was pretty awesome!! I love it down here so much even though there is not alot of work its still great, the members really love us i swear everytime we go somewhere to eat or to buy something they always say let me buy that for you and they don't take no for an anwser hahahha!! It has really warmed up this past week and it feels like wonderfull springtime weather everyday!!! Well I hope everyone has a great week and tell my friends to start writing me!!! haha

Alright friends you heard it he would like to hear from you :)
Here is his address
Elder David Mitchell Bingham
Arizona Tucson Mission
1840 E River Rd Ste 102
Tucson, AZ 85718
United States

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Im doing great also today was transfers so i got transfered to gilla valley and got a new companion his name is elder patterson and he seems pretty cool so far. i think im going to really like it here im excited!! we are living in a members home and im not sure how mail works but we'll figure it out

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Life is good

Hello family,
Things are going great down here and im doing awesome! I can hardly believe that i've almost been out for two months now. The time has flown by and im learning so much each and every day. Last week for p-day we went over to a members home and played ping pong and had pizza and ice cream!!! It was awesome and i totaly kicked butt in ping pong except for brother barton he is like late 60's or 70 and he is amazing haha it was really fun though and i enjoyed it. On wednesday we had a zone conference down in thatcher and president and sister walker came and spoke to us and fed us and then we watched a movie all about Emma Smith. I didn't realize just how much she went through as well as Joseph she is an amazing lady and I have a greater admiration of her as well as Joseph!! Thursday was an awesome day and we had the most powerfull lesson ever with one of our investigators Derek, he had been having a rough day and we had the impression to go and visit him. When we got there he was pretty distraught and confused and was wondering why he didn't have the spirit with him always and his family was giving him a hard time about joining the church. We offered to give him a blessing and he said he couldn't accept it because if he did and it came true then that would just be another testimony of the true church so we talked to him and he started to cry and he was pretty much giving us his life story and how things have happened. He told us flat out that he knew the church was true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet, but that he was afraid that his parents would disown him if he joined. It was a lesson where the spirit was litteraly poured out upon us and by end everyone was crying. He ended up getting a blessing and now he is doing great he has so many questions and alot of it is deep doctrine and im terrible at that but luckly elder kern is really good. Friday and Saturday were really busy we had alot of servie to do and stuff. there is this ward member and his sister was leaving with her kids for the week and he wanted to fix up the house. Her kids have autism and can't control there motor skills very good so there was holes and it was just a big mess and to top off this sad story her husband got in a car accident and died a few months prior. So we went in on friday and patched the holes then sanded and on saturday we got it all painted and it looks really nice now I think she'll like it. Don't worry I have befor and after pictures for it!! Monday was pretty awesome we had a good and day and taught a few lessons, but it was then end of the day as we were going home that made the night. as we were biking back to the apartments we saw the other elders in the truck going by and they honked at us adn we didn't think anything of it and then when we were about to go through the intersection when they drove by and pulled into a parking lot. then me and elder kern realized that they wanted to pick us up. so we had the brillant idea to out run them and hide. So we raced through the intersection and we were about to go around the corner when we saw this perfect place to hide. Elder kern had plenty of enough time to turn, but i didn't so i slammed on the brakes and i pretty much fish tailed into the dirt trail and went on from there. The skid mark from that awesome slide in was at least ten feet long and it was probably the coolest thing ever to witness haha. Long story short we barely escaped and made it back to the apartment befor them!! Today we went to the temple and thats why im emailing today!!!! The temple was awesome, really small, but awesome!! I saw one my friends from the MTC there and we talked for awhile and while we were talking he like blurted out dude your like tiny do you eat at all?? I had a good laugh at that one i think the question is when do i not eat haha. but apparently im really skinny now...anywho im doing good and things are awesome out here, tranfers are next tuesday so i'll talk to you then love you all!

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Lord Answers Prayers

Lets see here this week has been great! The first of the week was quite slow and we were frustrated because some of our investigators were'nt progressing what so ever so we prayed that we would find new investigators. I definately have seen my prayers anwsered and not just anwsered but over answered and it is truly a blessing to me that heveanly father does look out for us and does anwser out prayers and sometimes he will over answer them and pour the blessings on you. That is just what happened to us during the weekend we went and saw a guy that we dropped because he wasnt progressing and he let us in and he really oppened up and talked to us and we are meeting with him on thursday. when we went trackting we found a couple people that are really strong potentials, but they asked for us to come back when the holidays were over. Friday was the christmas party and we found a new investigator there!! also one of our investigators derek came to that and loved it. We had to go to the hospital because two sisters were put in the hospital and that was when the blessings really started to come. I think it started on wednesday!! On saturday we helped a prenant lady with her yard and she is now another new investigator. on sunday we had derek come to church and he is now progressing. The blessings are really pouring on us and we also found an investigator at churhc that we're teaching tonight!! well i gotta go so i'll talk to you later!! Love you all

Monday, November 29, 2010

Lots of Thanksgiving Food

Lets see here! Last monday was an awesome day, after we got done emailing me and the zone leaders, elder carter and elder thorpe, went geocaching. Elder thorpe is from Ogden cool huh and Carter is from Logan!! anywho geocaching is where you take a GPS and plug in coordinates from a sheet of paper and go find this little box of something and get things and put things in it. And so we went to this giant cross and let me tell you when I say giant i mean huge!!! I took pictures, don't worry. but we found a geocache there. and then we went up into the mountains to find the next one and it was this metal box that was inside of a rock! The cool part was was when we found this box we placed a book of mormon in it and i felt like Moroni for like a split second when he hid the plates in the hill, because we had to put the box back into the rock so I felt very special for like five minutes haha. On tuesday it was a pretty good day just visiting people and stuff like that. Wednesday was the same as Tuesday haha, but thursday was definately different because it was thanksgiving!! We went to four different houses first at 1 we went to Bro. Smith's house and had a turkey dinner. Then we went to the Eldriges's and had another turkey dinner with a deep fried turkey and banana cream pie which had nothing on yours! ha then we went to the Brauns's house for another turkey dinner and by then we were about to explode, but to top it all off we went to anothe house and had king crab! On friday we had an interesting day of tracking, we just had gotten off our bikes when this guy pulled into his driveway so we went over and he asked us what we were doing. So we said we were just going around getting to know people and to teach them. Then he says who are you for and stuff like that, and so we say were LDS and he's like it took you that long to say Christ and i was like WOW! and then he goes off on about Thomas and things and we were just shocked first on what he was saying and then what he was doing. He would pace back and forth and then point at us when he would talk. He was crazy!!! then finally we tried to give him a book of mormon and this is what was funny. He said "im a teacher i don't need that book. no no IM A WIZARD yeah some people call me a WIZARD" so we left and started laughing our brains out on this guy it was great!! On saturday we had a baptism her name was Kem Grahm and i sent a picture to you. And on sunday I did the confirmations! Oh also on sunday i met some Binghams and they said that we were related they said through like erastus bingham or something and that sounded really familliar to me so you should call grandma and tell her to email me or something so i can figure this out! :) did grandma get my letter by the way?? Did you get my letter?? It was a good week and this one should be a good week to.
Love ya lots and i'll talk to ya next week!
Elder Bingham

Monday, November 22, 2010

Lots going On

Hey everybody,
So this week was much better than last week for sure!! On monday it was p-day so we just hung out in the apartment and went shopping. Later that night we went to a members home and taught one her friends, but there was a problem she was boy shy and thought that we were way cute or something like that so we couldn't talk to her very good but hopefully we can teach her soon. We also ate dinner that night and guess who I met!!!! someone from morgan!!!!! Itwas awesome!! If you know the mcfarlands from the peterson ward the wife and mom of who we had dinner with are sisters so we talked about morgan and all of the family it was great!!
On Tuesday we had specialized training with president walker and the assistants it was a good experience and i learned a whole bunch! We also taught a couple people adn had dinner with the Brauns!
On wednesday we taught Diane Huey, one of our investigators, the restoration and she commited to being baptized and she came to church yesterday and loved it!
Lets see here thursday it got interesting when we were riding our bike a cop pulled us over hahahaha that was a first for me!! I was dieing laughing because she was like you can't ride your bike across a cross walk you have to walk it. then she threatened to give us a ticket but she didn't. We also finished up things with Kem Gram, another investigator, she is being baptized this saturday. I'm doing the confirmation and im pretty scared because i have never done it before. Oh we also tracked this weird guy that looked and acted just like the guy on the movie UP! he was all grouchy and was like i don't believe in this mumbo jumbo you just want my money and stuff like that. he's going to have a rude awakening when he dies...
On friday our district leader got pulled over for rolling a stop sign and then we taugh derek thompson, he is one of those investigators that doesn't have a sense of humor and takes everything literal so its a little difficut to teach him, but i know if we can get him to church it will change his mind. And we also made a candle out of a paper party hat and a bunch of smaller candles...
Saturday was full of service we cleaned up what i like to call ghetto town!! but here its called fry town it was called mormon helping hands or something and all the wards came and helped. and then we gave Diane Huey a church tour!!
On sunday i had to speak in 1st ward and it was pretty scary because i was talking to abunch of strangers pretty much, church for a missionary is from 5-4:30 p.m. so it was a long but relaxing day of church. and thats about it this week.
Love Elder Bingham