Monday, December 6, 2010

The Lord Answers Prayers

Lets see here this week has been great! The first of the week was quite slow and we were frustrated because some of our investigators were'nt progressing what so ever so we prayed that we would find new investigators. I definately have seen my prayers anwsered and not just anwsered but over answered and it is truly a blessing to me that heveanly father does look out for us and does anwser out prayers and sometimes he will over answer them and pour the blessings on you. That is just what happened to us during the weekend we went and saw a guy that we dropped because he wasnt progressing and he let us in and he really oppened up and talked to us and we are meeting with him on thursday. when we went trackting we found a couple people that are really strong potentials, but they asked for us to come back when the holidays were over. Friday was the christmas party and we found a new investigator there!! also one of our investigators derek came to that and loved it. We had to go to the hospital because two sisters were put in the hospital and that was when the blessings really started to come. I think it started on wednesday!! On saturday we helped a prenant lady with her yard and she is now another new investigator. on sunday we had derek come to church and he is now progressing. The blessings are really pouring on us and we also found an investigator at churhc that we're teaching tonight!! well i gotta go so i'll talk to you later!! Love you all

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